Case Study

Shelton Group.

Boulder Collective works with Shelton Group to give them a multi-faceted digital foundation.

The Project.


Shelton Group: Experts in Sustainability and Energy Marketing


Shelton Group, a sustainability marketing firm based in TN, approached us with a sophisticated website design and architecture – our goal was convert their high-reaching design goals into a beautiful user experience

Project Needs

Build a sophisticated website and integrate industry-leading features, such as complex jQuery effects and CSS animations.

Organize the backend of the site so that Shelton team members could easily add resources, case studies, and videos to it.

Optimize the site so that image and video-heavy pages would still perform across multiple browsers and platforms.

The Build.

Complex jQuery effects

We developed a complex jQuery grid that changes background images as the user hovers over each grid item.

Filterable Case Studies

Since Shelton Group works in multiple marketing sub-fields, we built them a filterable case study grid where users can search case studies based on type of project.

Modern, responsive blog

We created a responsive blog that can easily be filtered by author, date, or search terms.

The Product.

Case Study

Field to Market.

Boulder Collective helped Field to Market turn its annual sustainability report into a modern, mobile-responsive website.

Case Study

envX Project.

Boulder Collective gave the non-profit envX Project a platform to effect change by building them a strong digital presence.