Case Study

Field to Market.

Boulder Collective helped Field to Market turn its annual sustainability report into a modern, mobile-responsive website.

The Project.


Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture


Field to Market needed to a better way to distribute their National Indicators Report, as well as a better way to convey the data in that report to farmers around the country.

Project Needs

Transform Field to Market’s annual National Indicators Report – an important summary of agricultural indicators + benchmarks – from a plain PDF to a modern, mobile-responsive microsite.

Convey complex statistical data in an asthetically-pleasing and easily understood manner.

Build a user-friendly backend in WordPress, where site administrators could easily add data, images, and graphics.

The Approach.


Boulder Collective’s friends over at Shelton Group took on the design of this one. They incorporated large hero sections, stylish tables, and modern graphics to organize and consolidate Field to Market’s massive amount of data into a format that could be easily understood.


In order to enhance user experience, our developers included industry-leading UI/UX elements into the build, including sticky nav elements, speedy CSS animations, and a variety of micro-interactions, all intended to move the user through the report efficiently.


Our design, though beautiful, included many elements that were extremely difficult to make mobile-responsive. In response, our developers created several innovative CSS workarounds that let us stick to plan.

The Build.

Adapted to brand

Imagery and styles picked to fit in seamlessly with the current Field to Market brand.

Icon + Graphic Development

Simple, themed graphics designed to simplify sections of the report and make navigation easy.

Unique Design

Combining watercolor graphics with live text was a major challenge for this project.

The Product.

Case Study

Shelton Group.

Boulder Collective works with Shelton Group to give them a multi-faceted digital foundation.

Case Study

envX Project.

Boulder Collective gave the non-profit envX Project a platform to effect change by building them a strong digital presence.