Case Study

envX Project.

Boulder Collective gave the non-profit envX Project a platform to effect change by building them a strong digital presence.

The Project.


envX Project: Giving Enviromentalists + Nonprofits a Fighting Chance


The folks over at envX Project, a non-profit based in Boulder, asked us to give them a strong digital presence, including a modern website + brand, so that they could in turn provide free digital marketing services to environmental non-profits and scientific organizations.

Project Needs

Develop a unique + representative brand for envX Project to give them immediate credibility and name recognition.

Build a mobile-responsive, elegant website with industry-leading CSS techniques, such as parallax, that wouldn’t affect site performance.

Create and brand a social media and digital advertising campaign, using animated HTML banner ads and custom graphics.

The Approach.

Brand Dev

Developing a cohesive brand identity was the most difficult challenge for this project. We tested a variety of options, but hit the mark with a design scheme that conveyed elements of both technology and nature.


We designed this main page of this site to include a variety of layered images with CSS parallax effects to give a unique and memorable user experience.


For the client’s ad campaign, we decided that animated HTML5 banner ads would be the best solution. Our team developed + tested a variety of modern and visually-pleasing ads to include.

The Build.

Technology meets nature

We developed a brand identity that conveys notions of technology, nature, and modernity.

Elegant, simple web design

We added complex gradients, hero sections, and parallax effects to give the user a simple, enjoyable experience.

Ad design + campaign

We designed, tested, and ran a variety of animated, browser-friendly HTML5 + social media ads.

The Results.

800,000+ impressions

Our social media + Google Adwords campaign for envX was wildly successful, with over 800,000 ad impressions in one month (on a relatively small ad budget).


Our site hit the mark – upon launch (and in combination with our ad campaigns), the envX had a very high conversion rate and kept users engaged for a relatively long time. Goal accomplished!


The most important thing we delivered to envX was credibility. They went from an unknown non-profit to a credible organization with a professional and efficient appearance.

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